The Power of Music and the Law of Attraction

Music has a powerful affect on our vibration. Just notice how you feel after listening to one hour of downtempo chillout music, compared to one hour of zingy, upbeat pop!

I always use music to boost whatever mood or vibration I’m trying to achieve: if I’m at the gym, I’m listening to high tempo stuff to help me go that extra mile. If I’m in a meditative state, then I use mantras or instrumental deep chill to slow my energy down.

When I want to manifest something, or simply keep myself in a state of allowing, I use music with positive messages related to that desire (love songs, positive pop, songs about financial abundance being some examples).

I fully recommend that you consciously incorporate music into your manifesting process – choose songs that speak to you, songs that contain positive messages (none of that depressive stuff in your manifesting playlists please! Unless that’s what you want to attract…) related to your desires, and songs that make you feel good (high vibrational stuff, baby!).

To inspire you, I’ve included a handful of the playlists that I’ve created on Spotify to help in my own manifesting process. You’re welcome to subscribe to these (you’ll need to be a Spotify member to do so), or take the tracks that you like and start your own manifesting playlists elsewhere.

FYI, I’ll be adding to these playlists as I come across new tracks that are fit for inclusion, so if you have your own favourite music for manifesting, please share them in the comments section below!


Master Manifesting Playlist

Songs in this playlist will help you feel good, raise your vibration, and remind you that YOU ARE THE AUTHOR OF YOUR OWN LIFE. From musicals, to pop, to dance tracks, all of the songs contain a positive, empowering message.



Positive Pop

I love Pop music, but often the lyrics speak of things that I definitely don’t want to attract into my life (relationship drama, unhappiness, insecurity, hatred – sometimes the catchiest tunes have the most unfortunate messages!). I started compiling this playlist so that I’d have a place to go when I wanted to listen to pop tunes that enhanced my day, my mood, and my vibration.


Positive songs to help you attract love and romance into your life :)


Have a beautiful day attracting and enjoying your desires, you Amazing Creator Being.



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