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Welcome to Master Manifesting. We are a community of people who love using the Law of Attraction to create awesome life experiences. We also believe that there is much more to life than what we are taught by schools, religion, and governments. Manifesting and self-healing are just the start.

It’s great to have you here!

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Manifesting Techniques

Here you’ll find our collection of original and fun manifesting techniques, which you can use to support the manifestation of your desires. Let us know about your experiences with each technique in the comments section so that we can learn from you too.



Law of Attraction Coaching combines LOA and other transformative techniques to help you achieve your goals and manifest your best life experience as quickly and effectively as possible. Click here to connect with a coach.


How I Manifested It – Interview Series

Discover how other readers used the Law of Attraction to manifest desires into reality. This interview series is hugely inspiring and you might just learn something new!


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Free Online Manifesting Group

Subscribe to our online manifesting group and you’ll. You can also join the group in an online discussion to share your results and tips on each technique! Click here to join. (it’s free!)


A word on this website…

Master Manifesting is an open community and we encourage discussion on all that we share with you, our readers.

If you have a question to ask – please ask it! If you have an answer to share – please share it!

We love the sharing of knowledge, and delight in the empowerment of all. For what could be better than to live in a world where all beings actively use their manifesting abilities to live joyous lives?

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you, and to receiving your wisdom in return.

May all of humanity (us included!) continues to grow and expand into their limitless power.

May Master Manifesting assist all humans in awakening to the limitless manifesting power that lies within their very being. May all beings know how to access and harness this power and use it for their highest purpose.

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  • Cameron…OMG…way to go on this fantastic web page!! so very inspiring. I am sending it on the friends to encourage them to sign up. Everyone could benefit from all that you have offered here! Way to go McCOOL! I can’t wait for the next offering. I just love you! You never cease to inspire me!

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