Manifesting Technique: Watch Your But

Manifesting Technique: Watch Your But

Manifesting Technique - Watch Your But


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Hello you Amazing Creator Being!

This month, I want to talk about your but and how it can make you a better manifestor.

Sadly I’m not referring to the ‘butt’ with two t’s (although I’m sure that butt is lovely too). I’m talking about your ‘but’ – the three letter word that, when misused, can very quickly take you from a high vibrational state of allowing to a low vibrational state of resistance.

I’ll explain what I mean in a moment, but first, tell me if any of the following scenarios sound familiar — you meet up with a friend for coffee, ask them how their job is going, and they say:

Things are excellent! We’re so in love, but…

And then they openly discuss the habits and qualities about their partner that really don’t enjoy.

On another day you’re out for dinner and you ask an acquaintance how things are going with their new job, and they say:

Yeah, it’s really good, but…

And then subject you to their tales of high office drama.

Or, perhaps the roles are reversed, and when someone asks you how your holiday was, you say:

It was great, but…

And before you know it you’ve spent five minutes telling that person about how awful the food was, how long the flight was, how cramped the seats were, and how you’ll never, ever go away again.


Why your BUT can be dangerous

Knowing that your thoughts and your spoken words are powerful ways to focus your energy towards attracting your desires, it’s easy to see that spending any amount of time talking about what you DON’T like – even just a few minutes – can have an adverse effect on attracting what you want.

At best, focusing on what you didn’t like can put you in a low vibration (grumpy, resentful, etc.).

At worst, if you speak about and focus on what you don’t like for long enough, hey presto! The Law of Attraction delivers you experiences that match what you don’t like.


But, your BUT can also be useful

The point of this month’s lesson is not to have you delete BUT from your vocabulary.

Rather, I want you to bring a strong awareness to how you use it, as doing so will greatly assist your manifesting process.

When someone says ‘but’ while they’re talking about an experience, it’s almost always used right before they talk about what they didn’t like.

And seriously – talking about what you didn’t or don’t like is a-ok, because when we identify what we don’t like, we can use that information to manifest what we do like.

“Experiencing what we DON’T like is what Abraham calls CONTRAST:

An experience / person / desire manifests into your reality, you like some things about it, you don’t like others, and by identifying what you DO and DON’T like (i.e. the contrast), you are given clarity on what to manifest next.”

It’s a beautiful thing when people clearly identify what they DO and DON’T like, then use this information to deliberately manifest a new experience/desire for themselves; the positive effect this has on their manifesting abilities is profound.


OK, so can I simply get rid of my BUT altogether?

In other words: is it possible to stop giving air time to all of the things you DON’T like and speak about everything you DO like?

This is a good question, and my answer to this is: yes, it’s possible about 90% of the time.

Talking ONLY about what you like and acknowledging ONLY what you love is possible, and if you begin to practice it you’ll find that it’s just like any other habit – over time it will feel natural to you to ONLY give your attention/thoughts/words to that which you love.

But in my experience, it’s not possible 100% of the time.

Contrast is here for a reason – it allows us to fine tune and clarify what we are calling for with our vibration – and if you try to ignore it or gloss over it, you won’t be able to truthfully assess what you don’t like, which means you won’t have that information to consciously manifest even-better experiences for yourself.

This means that with practice you’ll be able to give your thoughts, speech, and attention to that which you DO like most of the time. But – there will also be some experiences where you’ll just need to go “Well, that really sucked. I didn’t like XYZ…”.

The important thing for you to remember is to take this XYZ information and use it to manifest something shiny, new, and awesome into your life experience.


The Lesson: If you’re going to use your BUT, remember to back it up!

For those times when you need to use BUT in conversation and address things that you didn’t like, here’s a process for manifesting something better from the experience:

  1. Verbally identify what you did and didn’t like about the experience/person/desire
  2. Use what you ‘didn’t’ like to recognise what you would have liked
  3. Speak about what you WOULD like in order to manifest it


For example, say your friend asks you about your holiday, and you say:

“It was ok. The city was beautiful, lots of good museums, but the hotel wasn’t like the description, the weather was terrible, and the food so overpriced!”

Back this up on the spot by saying:

“So I guess what I would love next time is to go on holiday to a warm, sunny beachside location, with a great hotel recommended by friends. Oh, and I’d love for there to be amazing food and I can already see myself drinking cheap coconut cocktails. Mmm! I’m glad that I know this now and can’t wait to go to the beach!”


Can you see how this is much, much better than spending five minutes complaining about something then cutting the conversation without consciously creating something new?

By backing up your BUT, you are literally telling the Universe right then and there:

“Thanks for the contrast, I know what I want now – and look, I’ve just told you what that is, so thanks for delivering it to me in perfect timing!”


Remember, you Amazing Creator Being:

The Universe is always listening, and the Law of Attraction has no preferences – it will always deliver you experiences that match the vibration you are sending out.


Have fun adjusting your vibration this month by watching your but, you Master Manifestor.

And be sure to let us know how you’re going by posting your comments, wisdom, and any questions you’d like to discuss in the comments section below.

Remember, Master Manifesting is a community and we’d love to hear from, learn alongside, and co-create with you.


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