Manifesting Technique: Ask

Manifesting Technique: Ask

Madonna once famously said:

“A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want.”

Madonna isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants. And whether or not you enjoy her music, it is clear that this ability has allowed Madonna to create many extraordinary things in her lifetime.

When it comes to manifesting and attracting your desires the simple act of of asking for what you want can produce powerful results.

So that you can experience and harness this power for yourself, ASKING is the Manifesting Technique we’ll be focusing on all month.


Instructions are as follows:


1. Identify a desire (something you want)


2. Ask for it


You can ask a person. You can ask a business. You can ask once. Or you can ask many times.

Then, click here to share your experience and results with the Master Manifesting Facebook Group.

If you get stuck at any point, post your comment or experience to the group – Master Manifesting is a community and we’re here to support you in building your manifesting skills!


Here are some additional tips to help you with this technique:



If you feel afraid to openly share what you want, let alone ask someone to help you get it, start small.

Ask for a desire that you are confident you can get. For example:

I would love to manifest a free cup of coffee today. Would you be willing to take me out for a coffee break?

Then build up from there. For example:

I would love to get a discount on my car service – would you be willing to offer one if I serviced my car here?

Make sure that each time you ask for a new desire it is one that you perceive to be ‘bigger’ than whatever you asked for last time.

This way you can gradually work your way up to asking for bigger and bigger desires without being scared by the process.



If you aren’t afraid of vocalizing and asking for your desires, dig deeper – way deeper – and find a BIG dream to ask for this month.

You’ll know that it is ‘BIG’ because the thought of having this desire will fill you with excitement and nervousness (the good kind of nerves!).

Then go and ask for it.

Send someone an email and ask them for help with your big dream. Ask that person to marry you.

Whatever it is – ASK.



Bear in mind – you may not always get a positive response when you ask for something.

But you may also get a new clue on where to find and ask for your desire (e.g. ‘I’m sorry, I can’t help you but I do know a great person you could ask’)

Rejection is something that prevents people from asking the question in the first place, even though it is just one of an unlimited number of potential outcomes.

If you asked for one desire every single day, just imagine how many more opportunities you would be open to receiving after just one week.



If someone asks you for something and you can help, give willingly.

If you give willingly, you will have a natural assumption that others will give willingly too.

This will make the act of ASKING for your desires much easier.

Plus – giving help when and where you can feels great :)


Remember to share your experience using this month’s manifesting technique in the Master Manifesting Facebook Group.

Everyone is welcome, and we’d love to support and learn from you, you Amazing Creator Being.



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