Why you need to keep Good Manifesting Company

In order to further advance your manifesting skills and abilities, it’s imperative that you spend more of your time with GOOD manifesting company rather than UNSUPPORTIVE manifesting company.

Before we discuss why it’ll rocket your manifesting abilities to greater heights, let’s first look at the difference between the two.

Good Manifesting Company

People who are GOOD manifesting company:

  • Deeply understand and enjoy the limitless power that humans access through manifesting, vibration, and the Law of Attraction
  • Love to create lives of joy, passion, and prosperity with their vibration
  • Are empowered beings who love to identify and manifest all that their heart desires
  • Are loving and supportive of you in your manifesting – when you say “I manifest a $10,000 pay rise for myself in the next month” they are supportive and affirming without hesitation, e.g. they say “YES! You are a powerful manifestor! I see you beaming in joy after receiving this pay rise, and sharing your abundance and joy with all others. It’s beautiful!”
  • Know that there is great abundance available to all
  • Know that manifesting from one’s heart is the key to great joy, happiness and manifesting success
  • Focus only upon what they desire
  • Remind you lovingly when your words, thoughts, and vibration are not focused upon what you want, help you uplift your vibration and focus again upon what you would love to manifest in your experience, and lovingly receive the same support from you when their focus and vibration is not attracting what they desire
  • Believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it, and know that they can do this through the power of their vibration
  • Are people who inspire, uplift, and encourage you to deepen and expand in your empowered manifesting abilities through the way they live their lives: they are empowered manifestors themselves


On the flipside, people who are UNSUPPORTIVE manifesting company:

  • Are unaware of the power of their thoughts, words, and vibration in attracting and manifesting experiences into their lives
  • Give their thoughts, words, and attention to what they do not desire
  • Prefer to hang out more in lower vibrations than higher vibrations
  • Complain, whine, gripe, say unkind words against themselves and others (unaware that all of these actions attract undesirable experiences into their realities)


This list is not exhaustive, and yet it is easy to see why one is preferable to the other if you’re trying to get better at manifesting:

Good Manifesting Company empowers and encourages you to keep shifting your vibration into a higher state, to keep focusing upon all that you desire, thereby manifesting desirable experiences into your life that bring you untold joy.

Unsupportive Manifesting Company is not empowered, and does not encourage you to focus always upon your desires.


When you are at masterful levels of manifesting and empowerment (similar to Jesus, Buddha, and many, many other great seers, holy beings, and wise people who have walked – and who walk – this earth) you will be able to walk through even the lowest vibrations, the most unsupportive manifesting company, and maintain your high, loving vibration.

As you learn to get there, however, it may be helpful for you to ensure that you are spending more – much more – of your time with Good Manifesting Company.


Here are some affirmations that will help you focus upon creating a loving, supportive environment full of Good Manifesting Company for yourself: 

“I love being supported and surrounded by positive, supportive, empowered people.”

“I love that I am an empowered manifestor, and I love that the passion and joy that I experience when I attract and receive all that I desire into my life attracts others who also enjoy manifesting lives that bring them great joy. It is a pleasure to be in the presence of other awakened beings who understand the loving power of their true nature.”

“I see myself making new friends and soul connections with empowered beings who are also powerful manifestors. I love spending time with people who deeply understand and enjoy the limitless power that we access through manifesting and the Law of Attraction.”


Do you believe there is a difference in GOOD and UNSUPPORTIVE Manifesting Company? What do you love about spending time with Good Manifesting Company? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.


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