How to Manifest with the Full Moon

How to Manifest with the Full Moon

On the eve of tonight’s Supermoon (aka “Mega Full Moon”), I thought I’d share some thoughts on incorporating the energy of the full moon in your manifesting processes.

Certain traditions, such as Wicca and Pagan, work closely with the energy of the moon. Most, if not all ‘moon work’ is performed in line with the moon’s cyclical nature.

When the moon is waxing (i.e. growing from a New Moon state towards a Full Moon state), this is a time to sow seeds and plant crops, and cast spells for attracting things into your life.

When the moon is waning (i.e. transitioning or ‘disappearing’ from a Full Moon state back into a New Moon state), this is a time to harvest crops, cut your hair and fingernails (!), and cast away things that you no longer want in your life.

full moon manifesting ritual


So how does this apply to Manifesting?

Clever manifestors may have noticed the correlation between what Wiccans call ‘casting a spell’ and what manifestors call ‘conscious creation’.

While the physical methodology may be different (e.g. blending herbs and other ingredients to cast a spell versus using pen and paper, vibration, thoughts, or pictures to consciously manifest a desire), the energetic process is essentially very similar, if not the same.

My theory is that consciously manifesting or using a spell is the same thing: either process activates and focuses your vibration, the universe responds, and your desire manifests in your physical reality. (It’s just an observation though, and my knowledge is limited when it comes to Wiccan tradition. I’d love to hear everybody’s thoughts on this in the comments section below)

I should also mention that in some cases, the elements of spell casting and manifesting are exactly the same (speaking an incantation to cast a spell is the same as you, the master manifestor, verbally declaring and affirming your desire to the world).

And just like Wiccans and others who harness moon energy for their practices, you too can use the energy of the moon to boost and inspire your acts of conscious creation.

Rituals for manifesting with the Full Moon

Sticking with the moon cycles is the best way to go when incorporating moon energy into your manifesting processes.

Use the waxing (growing) period to attract new things (experiences, people, objects – you name it!) into your life. Use the waning period to physically, emotionally, or energetically clear and discard unwanted things from your life.

Personally I find that I connect far more with the energy of the full moon than the waxing and waning periods, so I tend to focus my moon manifesting rituals on the full moon evenings only. I don’t exactly know how or why it works, but I definitely notice an extra surge power and joy in my manifesting practice on full moon nights. It may be because I adore looking at the full moon in the sky, and perhaps the loving, heart-full-of-love sensation I feel when I look at the moon in its fullness is what lifts my vibration and turbo charges my manifesting sessions.

Or it could be because the Full Moon energy has immense power and that we as humans have the ability and permission to tap into and harness this for our greater good? (I like to believe both)

If you’re curious to see how the Full Moon will influence your manifesting process, here are three manifesting rituals that you can try on tonight’s super moon, or on the night of any full moon.


1. Make a vision board

Nobody said Full Moon manifesting had to be complicated! So take it easy, put on some nice music, and cut and paste a vision board together on the night of the full moon.

Enjoy the process of deciding upon and declaring your desires to the universe through a vision board. The Full Moon energy will be with you throughout the night.


2. Write your desires

Take a sheet of paper, write “I MANIFEST…” or “I COMMAND AND CREATE…” at the top (use whatever feels most powerful to you).

Then, write down all that you desire in the present tense until you have no more to write.

Once complete, some people like to place their handwritten desires overnight underneath the light of the full moon, others put the sheet of paper under their pillow, others still place them on altars and in spots that are powerful and meaningful to them.


3. Perform a Candle Magic Ritual

Part manifesting, part Wiccan, this ritual rocks. Carve words or symbols that correlate with your desire – or simply write your desire – onto a candle (white is best, unless you know how to work with the different colours).

Hold the candle with both hands and spend time visualising yourself having and enjoying this desire now

Visualise this desire going into the candle

Light the candle and allow it to burn down completely, knowing that as it burns it is transmitting your desire out into the universe

Enjoy the ride as this new desire manifests into your life!

Click here for a more detailed instructions for performing a candle magic ritual. And remember, never, ever leave a burning candle unattended. If you have to extinguish the candle, don’t blow it out. Use a candle snuffer instead, and re light the candle at a later time (it will still hold and transmit the energy from your full moon ritual).


Finish with a prayer and a dash of gratitude

After performing any of these rituals (or another of your creation), finish the process with a prayer or request to the full moon.

You can speak words that have meaning to you, but if you’re new to this and need some inspiration, my heartfelt prayer to the Full Moon usually goes something like this:

“Full Moon, I love you. I am grateful for your presence. It is a joy to be with you again. Please, be with me now. Shine your light and love upon my desires. May your energy assist in the manifestation of all of this or better. May I receive all that is in accordance with my highest good. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


And that’s it. Done! Manifesting with the Full Moon needn’t take long, and it should never be laborious. You are now free to go to bed, read a book, watch a movie, or do whatever else you so desire. Hooray!

If you have any more full moon manifesting rituals or wisdom around harnessing Full Moon energy for manifesting purposes, please share them with the Master Manifesting community in the comments section below. We’d love to hear it!

Happy Manifesting with the Super Mega Moon, you Amazing Creator Being.  

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10 thoughts on “How to Manifest with the Full Moon”

  • Nice Cameron! I’ve been working with the moon…well since before Hawaii, but it was so easy there living right under the moon surrounded by nature. It’s always a comfort and source of love to know that my ohana all over the world are under the same beautiful moon.
    The moon is a great point for meditation – just gazing upon it is relaxing and helps me connect to Mother Earth and Father Sky. It’s easy to be grateful for such beauty and mystery. Full moons and new moons are a great time to work with the elements – especially if you are already outdoors in the air, standing upon earth (the candle is fire, all you need is the ocean, a river, or representation of water). I give thanks to the spirits of the directions as well and ask for their blessing and guidance. (An offering of wine or tobacco doesn’t hurt.) Clear crystals by bathing them in the light of the full moon.
    Manifesting is accelerated by your deep connection, love and gratitude.
    — Happy super moon manifesting! Blessings and much love!

  • Today I wrote down everything I wanted to manifest into my life, wrapped it in two ti leaves, and upon finishing a Hawaiian chant entitled E Ho Mai (Let it come, Let it flow), I tossed it into the ocean. This was symbolic to me because we are all connected… I am one with that recycled paper, those ti leaves, that ocean and each person who did this ritual with me. All of it holds the energy of my manifestation and I hold it for others as well and so I put out to the universe not only what I want but all that we want and need for each other.

    • Sounds like a beautiful, powerful, and meaningful ritual Michael. What a great way to declare and release your desires to the Universe in the presence of Mother Nature. Thank you for sharing :)

  • Are you meant to burn the paper where your desires are written on, on the night of the full moon and then blow it off into the wind?

  • I have an immense connection with but it is really hard to practice my own personal rituals. my family is huge (7) excluding me. my family are Christian and they really hate my obsessions and fixations. finding a sacred place is hard, doing my rituals which really aren’t bad, my family just don’t know how to speak Aramaic so it sounds evil to them or what ever. I use the shower mostly with some of my favorite songs playing through a big speaker. I’m obsessed with Vampire’s, angels, and werewolves. When i dream i am 1/3 Vampire 1/3 angel and 1/3 wolf… so in all senses of nature the ties to actual Magic are cut if the spirit believes to be a vampire. on full moons i get very aggressive very scintillated. My super-ego is magnified, feelings are magnified. i try to stay far away from scintillating people. physical contact with people needs to be slight. senses are heightened, smell hearing vision… i have a natural extrasensory gift per say which is also heightened… i am an emotional sponge so emotions are absorbed through communication. non-verbal verbal and physical contact. blood lust is the worst though… as we live in a human dominated world it’s sort of a crime against humanity/nature so drink blood.
    All in all during my showers it’s like my own peace as long as i’m not interrupted. I can let all the pain emotion anger and everything else out. it hurts it’s like cleansing. my body aches i turn the shower to the hottest temperature and i cant feel the burning water… so much emotion runs through my veins and my eyes are the receptor of all during this i recorded many findings. my eyes change color from my normal dark grey to ecstatic emerald green. and i just let it all out.

    i would love for some extra tips on how to use any other rituals, and places to go to do them without being seen by people.
    Back when i lived in Virginia i lived by the forest i could easily do it there but i cant now i live in a christian dominated town, with memories of the loved ones i’ve lost during my childhood. i hate this town and there isn’t much of an escape route. I would love some advice.

  • Thank you for sharing your awesome Full moon rituals. Will be using this on tonight’s Super moon or rather tomorrows.


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