How to Manifest Your Desires With Facebook

Facebook is a powerful tool which you can use to uplift your vibration and enhance your manifesting ability.

Here are several manifesting-with-Facebook techniques you can try the next time you log into your profile.



Follow and subscribe to empowered people and pages

Imagine if you spent a day in the company of empowered people. It’s likely that their example of confidence, self-love, and encouragement would rub off on you. Now, imagine if you only engaged with disempowered people all day. Do you think that it would affect your personal power, confidence, and manifesting abilities?

It’s helpful to be reminded constantly of your limitless power by the actions, words and examples of others. While you may not always have the luxury of being around empowered people all the time in your physical world, on Facebook it’s a different story.

Be mindful of who you’re following. Make sure that the majority (if not all) of the people you subscribe to are empowered beings who empower and inspire you. It will mean that the majority of what you read and see on Facebook are messages that encourage you to step into your power and always focus on what you are currently attracting into your life.

I did this a few months ago, and my news feed is now practically devoid of petty dramas, complaints, and disempowering messages of others. It’s a joy for me to log into Facebook, and my vibration rises with each inspiring, empowered post I read from friends and those I follow!

For links to empowered people and pages you might like to follow on Facebook too, read 10 Empowering People to Follow on Facebook and 9 Empowering Pages to Follow on Facebook.


Inspire yourself and others by posting empowering, inspiring messages

There is nothing to prevent you from being an empowered, empowering person too. You have access to inspiring quotes, images, and wisdom that means something to you. You’ll also have some valuable life lessons of your own to share.

So, share your love and wisdom with the world the next time you decide to broadcast on Facebook. It feels good to be inspiring, and when you’re feeling good you’re in a high vibration.

Being inspiring and empowered on Facebook will also get you into the habit of being inspiring and empowered in all areas of your life. It will enhance your manifesting process, because more and more you will always be focusing on what you want, share inspired words, and seek to create your desires with every single one of your thoughts and actions in an empowered way.

Jordan Bach, writer, shared a great example of this the other day with his post:

Every time I blew out the candles on my birthday cake when I was growing up, I wished that I should have magic powers. Soon, I discovered that I have had them all along.

Simple, powerful, inspiring, and from the heart. Much better than complaining about that flu or your annoying boss, right?


Use your posts to openly appreciate everything!

When you are appreciating things in your life experience, you place yourself in a high vibration. You walk around appreciating the trees, the weather, the people, the experiences, and you feel good.

You can continue this goodness on Facebook by commenting on what you appreciate. You’ll feel good while you do it (if you truly mean what you are saying) and you may even inspire others to start noticing what they appreciate about their present life experience.

An excellent example of openly expressing appreciation on Facebook from Doreen Virtue, who posted on her fan page:

“Sweden is absolutely gorgeous and everyone we have met here is so sweet, kind, generous, and very gentle. I am really looking forward to today’s angel workshop in Sweden!”

In this simple sentence, Doreen both expresses appreciation and affirms only what she wishes to create. Great manifesting!


Focus only what you want. Don’t give air time to what you don’t want.

Master Manifestors aim to hang out in a higher vibration (love, appreciation, happiness, joy, content) as much as possible, because when you’re in a high vibration you offer no resistance to divine flow, which allows all that you are manifesting to come into your life.

Broadcasting complaints, gripes, or anger (“I’m sick today!” “I hate my boss!” “This person is such a !)@*#$”) only serves to keep you in a lower vibration of resistance and unhappiness.

If you do have something that’s bothering you and you feel the urge to say something about it on Facebook, try the following practices to deal with it while focusing only upon what you want:


  • Say only what you’d love to occur. “I would love to feel better today!”
  • Say only what you’re open to: “I am open to having a great day at work today!”
  • Declare that you’re open to receiving something better, even if you don’t know what it is, in your life experience with this simple-yet-powerful invitation: “How can it/today/my life get any better than this? What are the infinite possibilities?”


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