How to Manifest a Sunny Summer Holiday!

How to Manifest a Sunny Summer Holiday!

These days I live in (and write from) London, a city that is presently experiencing one of the coldest, wettest, greyest summers on record.

Naturally I want to be in a sunny place, so my desire is to manifest a summer holiday – stat! Despite having no idea where I’ll go, or how, or even when it’ll happen, I’ve been using a few fun manifesting techniques to maintain a clear focus on my sunny-summer-sun desire in the face of a cold-wet-grey current reality.

In case you’re interested in manifesting a sunny summer holiday for yourself too, here are a few of the manifesting techniques that I’ve employed. May you benefit from them and manifest the summer holiday of your dreams!

Buy sunscreen and put it on!

There’s no better way to declare to the universe that your sunny summer vacation is happening than buying and applying sunscreen.

This is going to sound a little strange, but I literally apply sunscreen to the back of my hand and smell it as I visualise a summer holiday. (lol – I know, I know…). The reason I’m admitting to my weird manifesting habits is to share with you the power of this technique — smell.

Using a smell related to your desire is a great way to fast track yourself into a vivid, full-sensory visualisation. Sunscreen has a pungent smell that instantly triggers memories and sensations of summer fun in my mind.  Whenever I smell the stuff I’m instantly transported to a visual of me sunbathing on the beach, surrounded by friends and a gorgeous holiday lover (why not?! hehe). A bunch of locals are singing and playing guitar, the temperature is perfect, and the water beckons. It’s a beautiful scene that always brings a smile to my face and my heart, even on a dreary London day when everyone around me seems determined to give their focus over to the bad weather.

Buy new summer clothes

I encourage you to go out and buy new clothes for your summer holiday – especially if you still don’t know when you’ll be going or how it will happen. The act of buying clothes for your holiday says to the universe: “Hello, I’m ready! This summer holiday is happening. Now make it happen! Thank you!”

Change the picture on your computer desktop to the destination of your desire

Office workers, your computer screen can quickly become your daytime vision board (note: you can also use the screen on your smart phone as a vision board). You just need to proactively fill it with an image of something you wish to manifest in your life. To create a blissful summer vacation, don’t just whack up a generic picture of some sand and a palm tree and think “Oh, wouldn’t that be nice some day…”. Trust in your power to create your desire and be specific! Fill the screen with an image of the place you want to go, and each time you see the image, remind yourself that you ARE going to be there for a summer holiday. THANK the Universe repeatedly for this amazing holiday. Then, as you imagine and visualise all of the amazing things you’re doing on this blissful vacation, you’ll be open and receptive to this holiday happening and a way for it to happen will appear.

Focus on the end result

If you’re manifesting a summer holiday but you don’t know how it’s going to materialise (due to issues related to money, time, certainty over where to go – basically anything that your logical mind can’t resolve on its own), it’s important to remember that the ‘how’ is always irrelevant in manifesting. Your creational power is limitless and you have an in-built, natural ability that will always lead you to a solution (i.e. the ‘how’), but this power you have is quickly blocked when you get stuck on figuring out how your desire could possibly come about. Instead, use all of your energy to focus upon the end result of your desire. In the case of manifesting a summer vacation, your end result is YOU having the time of your life in a sunny summer destination. As you focus on this, two things happen:

  1. You enjoy what you visualise, which means you’re in a high vibration
  2. You attract to you the solution or the ‘how’ – you’ll find or receive the money, you’ll get the time free, you’ll find accommodation in the destination of your desire where before everything appeared booked. All of the problems that could possibly prevent you receiving your goal will be overcome.

So enjoy focusing on the end result, trust that the process works, and gleefully witness the magic unfold as you head off on your summer holiday! (or as Abraham would say ‘Ask. Believe. Receive.’)


A final note to Law of Attraction Sceptics and Manifesting Newbies

If you’ve made it this far and you’re still wary, I encourage you to put your scepticism on hold and give manifesting a go. Before attempting to attract a summer holiday, use the techniques found on this website to manifest something smaller first, such as a free cup of coffee or an available parking space exactly where you’d like one.

The thing I always point out to critics and newbies is this: even if manifesting doesn’t work, by focusing upon what I would love to have in any given situation (instead of complaining about what I don’t have) I place myself in a state where I feel good. Using the above as an example, by visualising myself enjoying a super sunny, super fun summer holiday, I have way more fun in the present moment than I would if I spent my time moaning about the weather. And if it turns out that manifesting actually does work, I’ll also ultimately get what I want.

After witnessing countless manifesting ‘miracles’ in my life and in the lives of others, I’m inclined to believe that manifesting does produce awesome results. I look forward to hearing more about your experiences with manifesting in the comments section below.


Got any more great visualisations that could help manifest a summer holiday? Feel free to share your advice and wisdom with the Master Manifesting community in the comments section below! Happy Manifesting! 

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2 thoughts on “How to Manifest a Sunny Summer Holiday!”

  • Thanks for this lovely, sunny piece! I like to flick through photos of my dream detination daily on my work computer. It’s very uplifting and I know that it’s creating powerful results! Also, on a non-holiday related topic, I wanted to share something that I’ve found really helpful recently – whenever I have a fear-based negative thought about someone else, I catch myself, stop, and then send them waves of love, respect and compassion. It completely changes how I feel about them!

  • Hey Amy! That’s definitely another great way to manifest a summer vacation :D And I LOVE the technique you’re developing to transmute fear-based negative thoughts. Well done, you Amazing Creator Being!

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