How to be grateful – a very simple technique

How to be grateful – a very simple technique

Here’s a very simple tip to help you learn how to be grateful every single day.

Watch Gratitude – Moving Art, every morning when you wake up.

That’s it.

Gratitude – Moving Art is a short film by Louie Schwartzberg.

The teaching in the film is immensely powerful, the images beautiful, the music serene.

It will rapidly transport you into a state of gratefulness – the perfect way to start your day.

Each time I watch this video and allow its message to sink in, I am awakened to all of the beauty that is around me. My heart sings. And I feel grateful.

Daily gratitude practice will teach you how to be grateful

I suggest that you watch this video – or download the audio and set it as your alarm clock – and really be with this teaching before you get out of bed.

Over time, you will learn how to be grateful in every situation in your life, no matter what’s going on.

This is the power of a daily gratitude practice.

This inner sense of gratitude will supercharge your ability to manifest and allow your desires.

It will also make you feel like a million dollars :)


Can’t I just meditate or write a gratitude list instead?

Sure you can! I recommend that you watch this video as it’s a quick, easy, and guided way for you to engage in a daily gratitude practice. Just press play and you’ll learn, over time, how to be grateful.

It’s important that your daily gratitude practice is quick, simple, and easy – otherwise you might get distracted and bored.

That said, of course you can practice gratitude daily in a million different ways, and I encourage you to be creative.

The only requirement for your daily gratitude practice to work is that your method helps you to get into a space where you FEEL the gratitude welling up from within you.

In other words, don’t end your daily gratitude practice until your energy is literally vibrating with gratitude.

I know when I’ve reached this point during my daily gratitude practice because my physical energy changes, and I feel great.

You might have a similar indicator, or yours might be different.


Share your wisdom

Happy manifesting, you Amazing Creator Being.

Remember – Master Manifesting is a community and your wisdom is valuable and helpful to others, including myself.

Please share the gratitude techniques you’ve learned in the comments section below. May we all benefit from your wisdom and better understand how to be grateful.




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