How I Manifested My Own Radio Show with Becky Walsh, the Stand-Up Intuitive

How I Manifested My Own Radio Show with Becky Walsh, the Stand-Up Intuitive

Each “How I Manifested It” interview features a Master Manifestor who shares why they chose to manifest one particular desire and what techniques they used to manifest it.

In this month’s interview, Stand-Up Intuitive & Author Becky Walsh shares how she manifested a radio show with a major UK broadcaster, despite having NO prior radio experience whatsoever.

Read on to learn about Becky’s two-year journey with manifesting this desire. There are some truly inspirational nuggets of  manifesting wisdom to be found below!

Name one outstanding desire you’ve manifested to date.

Becky Walsh's Radio Show on LBC 97.3I manifested a radio show on LBC 97.3 where I give intuitive advice to callers and interview my hero authors in the self-development field.


Why did you decide to manifest this particular desire?

I believed that a positive influence was needed in a negative media world. I loved the idea of getting paid simply for talking, and I believed I could use the show to spread positive thoughts like streams of love flowing out of the windows of all the black cabs who’s drivers tune into the station.


What actions did you take to consciously manifest this desire?

Firstly, I had no radio experience. So I did a weekend course in making radio shows and got work experience with radio stations.

The next obvious route was to become a weather or news presenter. By talking to someone in a bar waring a Virgin radio t-shirt I got an interview to read the travel. Then the bomb hit, I’ve never presented radio as I am dyslexic and “There has been an accident on the M52, sorry M25, Oh s**t, sorry, M56!”

So I gave up.

But I kept imagining it and talking about it, feeling myself doing it. Until a client called and said ‘I have got you an interview with a producer at LBC Radio’.

The producer in question who took the call from my client had boyfriend issues and no intention of putting me up for a show. She wanted a freebie session with me.

After the freebie she was blown away and called her boss who – also after a freebie – called me in to the studio and got a freebie for his whole team. Now all blown away, they wanted to get me on air, but couldn’t as they had no money for my show.


So I started manifesting a sponsor.

At the end of a workshop I asked the students “Can anyone sponsor a radio show?”

A shocked student said “I work in the sponsorship department on Capital radio.”

I guessed I manifested too hard, as now two stations – Capital and LBC – wanted the show.

To help the manifestation along I interviewed 20 presenters and cast the BBC’s Chris Hawkins as my co-presenter before I had a job to give him!

The risk paid off and we got the show on air funded by a new technology at the time of podcasts.


How long did it take for this desire to fully manifest into your life experience?

Two years.


Did any fears or blocks arise when you began manifesting this desire? If so, what did you do to move past them?

I asked the universe ‘What’s taking so long?’ as everything was in place, but it just wasn’t happening.

At this point I asked ‘Show me how I am blocking this?’ Then my life turned on its head and suddenly I couldn’t say anything without foot-in-mouth disease. Even my hairdresser fell out with me and, let’s face it, they are paid to like you!

I came to a point when I was so fed up I started not to care if anyone liked me and what others thought of me, and then I fell over in Caffe Nero. I mean – SPLAT! – in coffee rush hour with the whole contents of my hand bag surrounding me like the police chalk ring around a dead body. I lay still before getting up to a silent café full of people, all of them looking at me.

Normally I would hang on to any dignity available, get out as quickly as possible, and cry! Instead I stood up, I ordered a latte, and walked out, only to realise I didn’t care about looking foolish anymore.

Two hours later I got the call for the show.

What I now realise is that secretly, along with all the wonderful change the world ideas behind having a radio show, I actually wanted to be liked and to be seen as popular. I wanted to be someone!!!

However, I learned that on air, along with the ‘OMG great show’ feedback, you get a lot of critics who are very rude.

The person I was at the start of the manifestation would have been crushed by the things I read about the show whilst I was live on air. Including being called a ‘Brazen Cow’ by Mentalist Derren Brown…!

But my nosedive in Caffe Nero showed me that I had learned to stop caring about what people thought of me.

I had cleared the way!

I realise the universe doesn’t give you what you’re not ready for, it sometimes gives you some crappy things to make you get ready to be where you are manifesting.


From your experience(s) with manifesting and Law of Attraction, can you share any personal advice on the manifesting process with other Master Manifestors?

I believe manifestation is a growth tool, it’s not simply about getting what you want.

It’s about growing past what you believe you lack, as you grow to be right for what you want, and then you grow past what you got, and want something else.

With each stage comes the question, ‘Why are you not content with who you are? What you have or what you think you need?’

It’s part of the human condition to seek change, perfection or simply more. I have goals, but I never forget to be grateful and trust in a friendly universe, so even when what I want isn’t coming quickly or I don’t get what I want, I realise that I have whatever it is that I most need.

Believing in a friendly universe is the key to manifesting what you want as to wish and let it go, as something outside of you takes care of you.


Becky Walsh the Stand-Up Intuitive has been turning the world of self-development on its head for years with her fabulous down-to-earth and uniquely funny style.

Author of the book You DO Know – Learning to act on intuition instantly (US edition, UK edition) as well as four more published books and six e-books. Becky isn’t shy of the media, having hosted her on show on LBC 97.3 radio in London. She also has a unique live show where she gives live intuitive insights on members of the audience, blended with storytelling and improv comedy.

Visit Becky’s website and subscribe to her newsletter via and follow Becky’s updates on Facebook.


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1 thought on “How I Manifested My Own Radio Show with Becky Walsh, the Stand-Up Intuitive”

  • Becky, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom in this interview. I had a HUGE “Ah-ha!” moment when you mentioned:

    “I realise the universe doesn’t give you what you’re not ready for, it sometimes gives you some crappy things to make you get ready to be where you are manifesting.”

    and that manifesting is a growth tool. SO TRUE! I can look back now and see that there have been MANY times when I’ve had to learn something or grow in some way BEFORE my manifestation came into physical reality…

    Knowing this definitely helps me to stop tapping my foot impatiently when something hasn’t manifested yet, and start asking: what do I need to learn?

    Thanks for the reminder! :)

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