How I Manifested It - Interview Series

How I Manifested My Own Vitamin Store, with Katherine Schneider

Katherine Schneider is the founder of Tappermation, a system that assists with meditation, manifestation, and positive brain training.

A business owner and entrepreneur in her own right, in this month’s ‘How I Manifested It’ feature Katherine explains the techniques she used to manifest her first business – a vitamin store in Las Vegas.

Name one outstanding desire you’ve manifested to date.

I opened my own vitamin store.


Why did you decide to manifest this particular desire?

I had been working in the casino industry and had a large passion for natural health, I strongly desired to be helping people.


What actions did you take to consciously manifest this desire?

I worked in a vitamin store to learn the ropes, then I visualized like crazy about having my own store, I would draw out the plans and feel what it would be like and look like.


How long did it take for this desire to fully manifest into your life experience?

From the time I made the decision to open my own store I had signed a lease within two months, I didn’t have the money or business knowledge to fulfill my desire, however after visualizing all the pieces came together, my home had doubled in value so I sold it and used the cash to open the business, then learned the ropes as I went along.


Did any fears or blocks arise when you began manifesting this desire? If so, what did you do to move past them?

I just focused on my vision, the only fears were if I could achieve the success I wanted, I just focused on my goal to overcome these blocks.


From your experience with manifesting, can you share any personal advice on the manifesting process with other Master Manifestors?

Worry fear and doubt are complete blocks. I always manifest super fast when I have a clear goal and focus on that goal fully, visualization helps so much, pretending to have it before you do is very powerful.


Katherine Schneider is a member of the Master Manifesting community and founder of Tappermation, positive brain training that helps people improve all areas of their lives. You can connect with Katherine via FacebookTwitter and Google+.


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